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Your One-Stop Solution For Industrial Properties

Management and Owner Representation
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Here’s what our team can do:

  • Primary Point of Contact for all property issues and maintenance.
  • Consistent execution and delivery of property inspections and assessments.
  • Management Team consists of Civil/Structural and Environmental Engineers at no additional cost.

What We Offer

Best in Class Team

We’re a group of dedicated professionals with the resources and experience required to deliver.

Assurance of Quality

We provide worry-free, consistent and timely service from day one.

Scalability of Service

Additional services may be contracted based on need (i.e. owner representative, rent arrears collection, etc.).

What We Provide:

Levels of management to accommodate a variety of properties

Single source for all property management needs nationwide:

  • Tenant Notification of New Owner and Property Manager
  • Physical Inspection of the Property (appearance, security, immediate focus items)
  • Set up of Maintenance Services (garbage removal, locks/codes/security)
  • Monthly Property Inspection Report with photos, delivered in a consistent format including immediate action items and routine maintenance
  • Coordination of all Repair and Remediation services
  • Vendor Identification and Progress Reports delivered via Client’s preferred channels
  • Individual Property Monthly Invoicing
  • Weekly or Monthly Client Meetings with IOSA Principal (cadence depending on number of sites under management)
  • Additional Services available (Owner Representative, Rent Arrears Collection, etc.)

Property Management Services

Single source for all property management needs nationwide

Prior Acquisitions Services

Detailed Inspection and identification of immediate replacement and repair items and proposals to rectify them.

Owners Representation Services

Depending on your needs, IOSA can provide Owner Representation on an hourly or per project basis

  • Need repairs or replacements on properties? Have someone you can trust obtain competitive quotes and oversee the project to ensure quality of work completion.
  • Our local Project Managers have established relationships with many local subcontractors and municipalities to handle tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Don’t need full-time property management? Let us fill the void on an as-needed basis. We can help you obtain proposals, provide oversight, and communicate with tenants.
  • Our experienced managers are available all over the country.
  • We can help you obtain proposals, provide oversight, and communicate with tenants.

Property Management Perfected

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